Unveiling the Unconventional: The ‘Delirious Dissidents’ and Their Surrealist Utopia-Alex Villaluz

Dear Shaded Viewers,

In a world saturated with conformity and polished personas, “Delirious Dissidents” emerges as a beacon of raw, unfiltered creativity. This exhibition is the culmination of the imaginative prowess of a trio of avant-garde artisans: photographer Alex Villaluz, alongside fashion mavericks Alexandra Groover and Maria Lizuro, who have delved into the depths of their eccentric minds to present an array of artworks and garments that defy conventional standards.

Alex Villaluz, in a rebellious act of creative liberation, unveils “Red/Flowers,” a series born from a yearning to break free from the shackles of the fashion industry’s demands. This is a photographic journey that sidesteps the usual glamour and sexualization, instead choosing to resonate with the raw emotions and the subtle interplay of light and color. Villaluz’s work is a testament to artistry that exists for itself, not for the market or the transient waves of celebrity culture.

Joining Villaluz in this insurgence is Alexandra Groover, whose interactive vampire ponchos transform visitors into noir cinematic icons, blurring the lines between observer and participant. In a world weary from the weight of current affairs, Groover’s work is a playful, dark-humored invitation to engage with art, to become part of it, and to sprinkle social media with glimpses of joy amidst chaos.

Maria Lizuro, with her draping mastery, presents garments that are a dance of the macabre and elegance. Each piece narrates a story of her passionate struggle against the mundane, a sartorial scream against the silent lull of today’s fashion scene, infused with the authenticity of her Russian roots and the craftsmanship of French tailoring.

The artists behind “Delirious Dissidents” are not just creators; they are narrators of a different fashion doctrine. Villaluz, a global citizen with a lens that captures more than what meets the eye; Groover, a sustainable fashion pioneer with a penchant for longevity and subtlety; and Lizuro, a defiant designer challenging the status quo. Their exhibition is not merely a display of art and fashion; it is a dialogue, a critique, and a bold step into a surrealistic utopia where the misfits are the maestros.

Vernissage Exhibition Venue

: 11 Nov 2023 (5pm – 8pm)
: 11-13 Nov 2023
: 17 Rue Chapon 75003 Paris

Exhibition Opening Hours

Sat,11th Nov, 11am-4pm Sun,12th Nov, 11am-8pm Mon, 13th Nov, 10am – 1pm

Diane Pernet

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