Exploring Life’s Dichotomies: The Beauty and Complexity of Makan’s Human Sequence at Boon Room till May 26th

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Makan Negahban’s artwork explores the dichotomies that exist in life – light and dark, mundane and fantastical, individual and collective, sentimentality and animosity. Through his paintings, he seeks to find meaning in these differences beyond cultural aspects and opinions. “Human Sequence” is an exhibition that showcases Makan’s intuitive curiosity and boldness as an artist. Each painting captures a unique scene that reflects on the beauty and complexity of existence. Makan’s background in Psychology and Social Behavior has inspired him to depict the full range of moods and sentiments that arise in social situations. He uses raw un-stretched canvas and crude materials to reinforce the theme of impermanence and transience. Makan’s multi-faceted style embraces complexity, with partially rendered subjects representing the diverse nature of human existence. He breaks free from classical painting techniques to create a celebration and meditation of life’s ephemeral moments. The result is a beautiful and evocative exhibition that emphasizes the beauty of the transient.




Diane Pernet

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