Armour to protect the soul at Balmain PFW FW 22/23 – text by Leticia Dare


Dear Shaded Viewers,


Armoured looks that resembled shields – to protect, defend or both? With the message behind the Balmain collection based around social media and the negative effects it has on us, Olivier transported us through his pain of online bullying to the purification of positive thinking. Shadowed bodies were digitally printed onto bodysuits almost resembling those that lurk in the shadows of online. 3D knit techniques looked like computer mainframes, leather and cargo pant looks ready for battle. But this was a battle of the mind and reminds us that we are all human, we are all sensitive and we all need love. The timing of the collection inspiration could not be more fitting with the state of the world currently and as Oliver put it best “united in solidarity, we can rely on the power of hope and truth to push back against hate, lies and aggression”.




Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.