“Sur les traces de XPUJIL” By Nova Materia 07.10.21–20.01.22 at Gaîté Lyrique, Paris


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With the inauguration of a new 400 m2 space dedicated to audiovisual and immersive installations, a binaural sound creation studio and a series of events based on new writing, the Gaîté Lyrique is structuring a new programming axis that places the visitor in an active role, at the centre of stories or works that are both sensory and playful. Video games, virtual or augmented reality, podcasts, binaural or spatialized sound… These emerging practices, with their often hybrid formats, renew the codes of narration through interactivity and immersion.  


Nova Materia is taking up this challenge of research and invention of new forms with the series of binaural performances “Sur les traces de XPUJIL”. In an original creation for the Gaîté Lyrique, the Franco-Chilean duo takes over the first floor studio for four encounters in the company of guest artists, each of whom, in his or her own way, highlights the potential of new sound and musical techniques. From the human voice to the sounds of nature, from instrumental practice to the search for trance, it is a new world that is being invented and that the Gaîté Lyrique proposes to discover with Nova Materia.  A work of exploration through the Mexican jungle as well as through the still-invented world of binaural performance. Following on from their album XPUJIL, the Nova Materia duo imagines a series of four binaural performances with Agnès Gayraud, Gaspar Claus, Myako and Cosmic Neman. An original creation for the Gaîté Lyrique. 


What do we hear when we cross the deep jungle of Yucatán, Mexico? And what do you really bring back? Conceived as an immersive experience to take people on a journey from the Gaîté Lyrique, Sur les traces de XPUJIL is a series of four spatialized musical performances, oriented towards the exploration of a living music. The project originates from a journey by the Franco-Chilean duo Nova Materia to the ruins of the Mayan city of Xpujil. There, the duo confronts an omnipresent biosphere and a territory that seems haunted, making the jungle rich with a thousand elusive noises.  


Elusive? In the tradition of sound ecology, a movement that places the sounds of nature at the centre of its concerns, Nova Materia’s work is guided by a particular attention to the living, made possible by the idea of sound immersion. To capture the music of nature with binaural microphones is to make us hear the sounds that surround us, but also to feel them in space, to let ourselves be guided by them, and to have a new experience of hearing in a world that often only gives place to the visible surface of things.  


With a guest performer, each performance addresses a dimension of Nova Materia’s original work, the album XPUJIL. Agnès Gayraud‘s voice and text plunge into the paradoxes of immersion, between intimacy and trance, while the cellist Gaspar Claus invites us to an acoustic, and therefore instrumental, journey. Myako, for her part, plunges into the world of micro-sounds, at insect height, while Cosmic Neman aims for a trance of hypnotic percussion. All this with the technical technical support of Thibaut Javoy and Antoine Petroff, who have been with Nova Materia since the beginning of the project. 


Read more about the concepts behind every upcoming performance here.



“Sur les traces de XPUJIL”

By Nova Materia 

A binaural performance in four parts around the album XPUJIL 

Level 1 – Studio 

Live performance & headphone listening  

07.10.21 Nova Materia & Agnès Gayraud  

18.11.21 Nova Materia & Gaspar Claus 

16.12.21 Nova Materia & Myako 

20.01.22 Nova Materia & Cosmic Neman 


Price: full 10€, members 8€. 

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