The “Spectacular Events” Events at École des Arts Décoratifs , from June 03, 2021 to June 05, 2021

Dear Shaded Viewers,

For three days, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. on June 3, 4, and 5, the annual meeting of Scenography students from École des Arts Décoratifs, “Spectacular Events,” will be held this year at Théâtre de l’Aquarium (la vie brève company), which is located at the Cartoucherie (Paris 12th arrondissement). A total of nine third-year students who have been exposed to innovative eco-design approaches take over the Aquarium theater and the Cartoucherie enclosure with performances and installations made entirely of recycled materials. 

Margot Bonnafous’ “The Whisper of Bones”

An auditory immersion is proposed by the murmur of the bones. Attention is devoted to what remains to us living in a darkly lit chamber in the back of the decor factory. The audience is asked to have a seat and listen to the whispering tales of bones. The tales, like the bones, are all that is left of the living here.

“(Re) Construction Site” by Marianne Bras

Two individuals travel slowly through a damaged building. Between performances and theatrical representations, the audience wanders about the building as though it shouldn’t be there, attempting to appropriate, change, and make it tell numerous stories against a soundscape. The dynamic scenography was created entirely from elements that had been salvaged.

Othilie Cachard’s “The Day She Left Me”

The narrative of her disappearance and subsequent inquiry begins on the day she left me. It’s also a route with mementos strewn throughout. QR codes, like puzzles, allow a video to be used to rebuild the tale. It all began when Martha decided she wanted a divorce.

“The Sanctuary” by Constance de Lagaye

Models are burned in the middle of an area surrounded by screens. Only bone skeletons and paper ruins have survived, and they will be carefully maintained. Le sanctuaire proposes to experience an imaginary purifying ritual in a theatrical setting, that is, a setting where we expect the show, in order to question the loss of the holy in our lives, and more specifically in burial rituals.

“Volatile Cities” by Marianna Faleri

Villes volatiles is an ephemeral production that takes place along the Aquarium theater’s grasslands. The performers march clad in long sheets, congregate, and become lost in the materials and constructions, creating volatile, apparent, and unseen cities.

“Métempsychose” by Louis Kotchine

Take the frames, backdrops, and other scenic pieces off the stage and out of their storage area. Bring them back to life by reintroducing them to nature. Métempsychose uses sound to give the Aquarium Theater’s set components a voice and a personality. To create a symphony between recorded voices and noises, a performer will stroll with the audience in front of the exhibit.

“Tomorrow, I take out the trash” by Abla Marrakchi

What do we do with our items, our possessions, when we no longer need them? They vanish from our lives, or rather from our gaze, when the garbage truck moves from one location to another. These wastes are our traces, although they are often overlooked. The concept depicts a mundane living room that is engulfed with trash that has gathered in just one month. With the participation of: Guillaume Ercker, Viva Lazzarino and Amine Sefrioui.

“Thị” by Thi Thanh Hang Nguyen

“Thị” is the first part of a wider project devoted to the history of a house, and it is set between the fractured past of a Vietnamese family and the space of a performance at the Aquarium Theater. A trip back to the childhood home, a search through the archives, and an attempt to accept a personal tale. Here, “Thị” is a quiet woman. 

 “Distances” by Arthur Pellegrin

Two people separated by a great distance struggle to keep in touch. They are both missing each other. Frustrations fracture something in each of them, literally, for when they fail to approach each other, they deconstruct their furnishings, their walls, and watch fortresses spring up around them. They face each other, out of sync, without seeing one other.

The exhibition is supported by École des Arts Décoratifs professors of 3rd year scenography: Anne Attali & Brice Leboucq. With the assistance of the technical teams of École des Arts Décoratifs: Nicolas Bieganski & Sophie Rézard de Wouves.

Théâtre de l’Aquarium
La Cartoucherie
2 route du Champ de Manœuvre
75012 Paris


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