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What elements does one take into account when moving to a new home? How can one define a sense of belonging that adheres to one’s values? These are the questions that The Community – a collective-run, non-profit multidisciplinary art institution – is centered on. Following the closure of The Community’s first space in Château d’Eau in 2018 in order to concentrate on The Community’s annual interdisciplinary fair  Salon de Normandy, the institution is now calling Pantin its new home. A once mineral paint shop turned art institution located at 9 rue Méhul, The Community gathers promising and emerging artists within the contemporary scene, infusing a fresh spirit into a cross-section of practices, critical discourse and educational initiatives. Together with restrictions lifted, The Community will be ready to welcome visitors to an exhibition called “Bread & Salt” this weekend (22 May 2021, 12h-20h30 and 23 May 2021, 12h-19h),  focusing on redefining and re-imagining the context of home, individualism and novelty. 


“Bread & Salt” takes place from May 22 – June 20th and has invited 25 international artists to propose permanent works and installations for the center. Using the idea of arriving in a new home, the artists are asked to think about the first piece they would install or build when they moved in. What makes a place feel like home? This open invitation – a carte blanche – catalyses diverse approaches, from soundscapes to architectural interventions. The Bread & Salt exhibition will become The Community’s space-specific collection and will remain on view in the space for years to come. Among the artists featured in the exhibition: Ethan Assouline, Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann, Julie Béna, Christiane Blattmann, Violet Cheverez, Léa Domingues, Brendan Fowler & Cali Thornhill DeWitt, Mar Garcia Albert, Tom Godfrey, Jason Hendrik Hansma, Thomas Jeppe, Kyle Keese & Michael Price, Alexander Kelvy, Emanuele Marcuccio, Daniele Mainetti & Eleonora Succi, Pepo Salazar Lacruz, Daniel Sansavini, Nick Sethi, Tenant of Culture, Shauna Toohey & Misha Hollenbach, and Evita Vasiljeva.

Some of the artists’ portfolios:





In addition to the main space, the founders will open The Community Garden and Community House, located at 13 rue Méhul. They will include a two-story house, nine garage boxes, and a large green garden. All of the three spaces will be dedicated to a variety of ever-changing cultural and interdisciplinary programs, ranging from an evolving sculpture garden, installations series to performances and workshops. A wide spectrum of disciplines will be introduced to the visitors, whose interaction and exploration will be elevated and diversified. 


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