Polimoda E-learning online education so if you cannot enter europe…it is a click away

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Polimoda is combining live teaching, digital interaction, original online learning materials along with tried and true classroom methods. The first ten Polimoda E-learning courses are here, guided by exceptional industry mentors: Laudomia Pucci, Caroline Issa, Massimiliano Giornetti and Niccolò Sbaraglia. With the current health crisis a lot of students are unable to come to Florence to study at the prestigious Polimoda.

“Our mission aims to prepare the future generation of fashion professionals, help young people express their potential and contribute to giving a new impetus to the industry,” explains Director Danilo Venturi. “This is something that we feel is, now more than ever, precious in this moment of fashion revival. That’s why we did everything we could to respond promptly to the emergency, passing to online courses for our students, offering over 1000 hours of online lessons per week, then reopening our offices and our laboratories as soon as it was possible to do so. Today, we are taking it a further step: through our new E-learning courses, we want to allow students from all over the world to access the best training, wherever they are.”

There are three types of E-learning courses to choose from based on the time and depth of training. Participants can select 28, 80 or 300-hour courses, starting from July to October. The 300-hour courses are in-depth specializations on Fashion Design and Fashion Business, the 80-hour courses can be compared to Seasonal courses — useful to understanding if a particular subject is suitable before embarking on a more structured path — and the 28-hour courses offer toolbox and insights aimed at enriching your personal and professional background.

Collection Merchandising, Digital Styling, Fashion Brand Management, Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Personal Branding and Sustainable Fashion are the curated E-learning courses one can choose from. What makes them unique is how they are structured: e-learning courses will be delivered through live classes, maintaining the human-experience typical of Polimoda and the presence of authoritative industry mentors who will be available to students through their experience. Laudomia Pucci, Deputy Chairman & Image Director of Emilio Pucci, and Caroline Issa, Chief Executive and Fashion Director of Tank magazine, will be the mentors for the shorter courses. The 300-hour courses will be guided by the Heads of the Departments of Fashion Design and Fashion Business at Polimoda: Massimiliano Giornetti, former creative director of Salvatore Ferragamo, and Niccolò Sbaraglia, economist and product manager, specializing in luxury accessories and product communications. Polimoda will transfer the quality of its courses online while maintaining the aspects that make them unique.

“I have a wonderful and lengthy relationship with Polimoda as I have been on the school board for several years,” shares Laudomia Pucci. “Therefore, it is not only a joy to be called back this time but it’s also a way to learn more from the students, especially in such an unprecedented moment. I have been blessed with a 35-year fashion career. I hope my experience can be of some help and guidance during this particular time.”

“Polimoda is one of the preeminent educational institutions for fashion in the world,” adds Caroline Issa.  “I am honored to be a founding part of what will surely be a normalized way of accessing some of the best resources, wherever you may be in the world, for the future of considered and open growth of our fashion industry. Any opportunity to lead, share and partake in conversations with the future leaders of this industry is a privilege.”

Information is available on the Polimoda website: https://www.polimoda.com/courses/e-learning

For those who want to learn about Polimoda and the new E-learning courses, do not miss our upcoming online open day on Thursday, July 9th, reservation required: https://www.polimoda.com/information/open-day

Diane Pernet

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