ANAÏS JOURDEN a virtual runway and musical narrative of the Autumn Winter 2020 collection accompanied by a live performance with vōx at the Maison des Oceans

“Yet there are also new ways to encounter and experience, most of the time we’re all alone but then we’re together through this little screen. Instant moments are fleeting but emotions are always real. Join our virtual heroines for an audio visual journey, imaginated landscapes, dreams and courage dedicated to the times of changes and jolts.”

ANAÏS JOURDEN was founded in 2013 by Anais Mak. Born and raised in Hong Kong, where the brand is based, Anais moved to Paris to study fashion design at the Studio Berçot. But it was back on home turf, while putting her ideas into practice in the ateliers of local garment makers and tailors on regular trips back to Hong Kong during her studies, that she got to forge her skills as a designer, confronting her creative dreams with reality. It was through learning from these artisans – and in turn and pushing their boundaries – that the designer was able to hone her distinctive design aesthetic: a subtly perverted take on formal femininity hooked on controlled volumes and fabric experimentation.

The formal wear and old school elements inspired by her well-disciplined childhood growing up in Hong Kong are the canvas of the ANAÏS JOURDEN silhouette. Mixing artisanal and industrial techniques to make clothes that are utterly modern; collections that lend themselves to all types of girls and lifestyles.

ANAÏS JOURDEN is about a casual attitude, delivering a graphic punch to generic femininity. A take on the notion of dressing up that is more about twisting the codes of the classic feminine look than breaking them. Being proper nowadays is seen as a new form of rebellion.


LA-based singer-songwriter-producer vōx (pronounced “wokes”, the Latin word for “voice”) released I Am Not a God EP Oct 4 2019, her first release for indie tastemaker label Arts & Crafts. The EP revels in the power of vulnerability, as vōx’s delicate vibrato pairs with dark synths and minimal downtempo electronic beats; cultivating a perfect atmosphere to delve deep into issues of anxiety, rebirth and healing.

On the new EP vōx unpacks a lifetime of emotion to construct a captivating and immersive world to reflect on love, womanhood, religion, and healing. Confirmed in the Lutheran church as a young teenager, the depression and self-doubt that stemmed from this early experience is sewn into the fabric of her art.

Her complex and otherworldly approach to music has resulted in a deluge of glowing coverage from Dazed, Complex, Mixmag, Metal, Vogue Germany, Pigeons & Planes, Interview, i-D, Stereogum, Paper, NYLON, Flaunt, and recent print cover for Broccoli Magazine. July 19 she perfomed at Sónar in Barcelona and attended London Fashion Week where she played at the Sarabande Foundation Gala, along with securing her debut BBC interview with Jamz Supernova and a mix for BBC’s Freak Zone.

Diane Pernet

A LEGENDARY FIGURE IN FASHION and a pioneer of blogging, Diane is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent-hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she designed her own successful brand in New York, costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker.