The new exhibition of Pierre Marie “Olu Nelum” by appointment only – Edie Ashley

Dear Shaded Viewers,

This second exhibition, “Olu Nelum”, named after the Sri Lankan term for the Lotus flower, showcase some of the pieces created for the last Design Parade, when Pierre Marie displayed his works alongside Pierre Yovanovitch, who was president of the 2018 edition. These works, which were produced especially for the former Archbishop’s Palace in Toulon, had to be completely redesigned to fit into Pierre Marie’s Parisian gallery. The ribbed stained-glass window produced by the Ateliers Duchemin was dismantled pane by pane to be exhibited in a new fragmented version. 

This exhibition showcases Pierre Marie’s partnerships, which draw on forgotten know-how treasured by the artist: featuring a rug produced by the manufacturer Robert Four, new pieces of glass blown at the Atelier Gamil, and other works of art designed with Émaux de Longwy and Poterie Ravel. This is the first collaboration with the Atelier François Pouenat, a firm of metalworkers who helped produce the key piece of this immersive exhibition. 

Pierre Marie’s “Olu Nelum” Stained Glass Window made in collaboration with Ateliers Duchemin at his Parisian Gallery 01.04.19

Ateliers Duchemin has been dedicated to the Art of Stained Glass for six generations. They are restoring and preserving stained glass, and they are determined to make stained glass continue as a living  contemporary art.

Pierre Marie’s “Olu Nelum” Rug, made in collaboration with Robert Four shown at his Parisian Gallery 01.04.19

The Manufacture Robert Four is one of the last heirs of the Manufactures d’Aubusson raised to the rank of Manufactures Royales by Colbert in 1664. It perpetuates five centuries of tradition and dedicates the Aubusson Savoir Faire to artistic creation by producing contemporary works such as tapestries signed by visual artist Herve Di Rosa. The Pierre Marie rug was produced in collaboration with the manufacturer Robert Four.

Pierre Marie’s “Olu Nelum” Blown Glass made in collaboration with Atelier Gamil

Gamil is a Parisian workshop serving luxury, design and visual arts. They are inspired by the history of glass: from ancient techniques to technological lenses. Gamil put both these influences at the service of Pierre Marie in their “Olu Nelum” blown glass collaboration.

Works of art by Émaux de Longwy and Poterie Ravel in collaboration with Pierre Marie for “Olu Nelum”

Works of art designed with Émaux de Longwy and Poterie Ravel.

Émaux de Longwy is famous for its powerful imprint on the ceramics industry. The Boch family was behind the foundation in 1798 of Longwy’s Faïencerie in a former convent. For over a century, Longwy has the exclusivity of cloisonné glazes on faience. All items from the Émaux de Longwy house bear the historical stamp and are accompanied by a certificate of origin. The pottery began its third century of existence in 1998.

Founded in 1837, Poterie Ravel is one of the oldest ceramics makers in France. Its a family business which has been led by five generations in succession, who have built up an authentic and rare expertise in the heart of Provence, in Aubagne.

In the mirrior you can see the metalworks of Atelier François Pouenat for Pierre Marie’s “Olu Nelum”

This is the first collaboration between Pierre Marie and the Atelier François Pouenat, a firm of metalworkers who helped produce the key piece of this immersive exhibition.

Born in 1968, François Pouenat is the fifth generation of a family of artisan metalworkers who have been perpetuating the craft for more than 130 years. François Pouenat is a true artisan, designing and creating in metal, and drawing on an exceptional family heritage of which he is the sole heir.

Inside the exhibition you can hear the sound of birds singing bringing the atmosphere of the outside inside.

Pierre Marie Agin was born in 1982 and started work free-lance under the name Pierre Marie. His drawings led him to his first exclusive prints for two artists t-shirts collections for Agnes b.

During his freelance years he worked with designers like Melodie Wolf, Yazbukey, Romain Kremer and Bernhard Willhelm. In 2008 he started a long-lasting and prolific collaboration with Hermes. He is one of the youngest active designers at Hermes.He also works with Diptyque to develop drawings for a range of perfumes and scented candles.

The exhibition is  by appointment only.

La Galerie de Pierre Marie: 
21, rue Victor Massé 75009 Paris. 

Exhibition on view from 2nd of April until 13th of July 2019, by appointment only. 

For a little personal and ancient history, Pierre Marie made the logo for the first fashion film festival of Diane in 2006,  You Wear it Well. That was the logo that preceded  the current one made by Yoanne Lemoine , aka Woodkid,  in 2008.



Edie Ashley

Edie Ashley grew up in Wales, where she gained a love for motorcycles and horses. She is currently collaborating with Bolt Motorcycles on her first clothing collection made from surplus fabrics. She has a radio show on Portobello Radio called Dirt Bike Dub.