100% L’EXPO Sorties d’Écoles text and photos by Edie Ashley

Dear Shaded Viewers,

When i walked into the exhibition for the first time it was very epic, there was a big sculpture directly in front of me that made me think: exhibition of the schools?? Walking into such a huge room opened up my mind to freely roam and absorb the art I was about to see.

Tommy Bouge – ‘Het Duif Gods, Pigeonnier’ (2018)

A very eye catching piece, hanging from the ceiling with two strong wires, as you get closer to it you can see nine little screens all playing different films, all of pigeons. I found the video quite emotional, it made me smile.
“This reliquary is like a hearth, the walls and roof being solidly one. Its doors are like scenes on which all sorts of historians parade. the windows constituting the backgrounds. these bull’s-eyes allow us to glimpse old messengers who have become obsolete; perhaps some early signs of our contemporary condition.”

Garance Matton – ‘La Vie Mode D’Emploi’ (Life Employment Mode)
I thought Matton’s work was very symbolic. I like that she created a strong narrative within her pieces. She plays with techniques, for example, with the different faces. In the Botton left corner she shows a very technical side to her work, I can see various influences in this piece and the conversations she has had with herself, I really really like it.
“This painting is inspired by the eponymous novel by Georges Perec. it is built like a puzzle, trying to fit the different elements of the composition according to certain constraints. The influence of the history of art is evident, particularly through details borrowed from the works of Murillo, Hammershoi and Bruegel.”

Elsa & Johanna ‘Beyond the Shadows’ (2018-2019)
I love the filmic approach to their work, I thought how good it would be as an actors portfolio, showing such a variety of characters. It’s also genius for someone who wants to build a costume portfolio as the clothing was so good at enhancing the narrative of the scene. It reminded me of some of Cindy Shermans work. Elsa and Johannas piece made me feel like what is is to be one person one day and a totally different person the other. Multiple identities. Do they make films? Do they want to make films? Are they costume designers or do they want to be? Stills photographers? actors? Directors? Not being able to read the French blurb made me question the piece much more than if id read it. The photo’s looked unbelievably powerful and strong, I was really blown away.

“Beyond the Shadows is anchored in the continuity of Elsa & Johanna’s research on direction, auto-fiction, identity and cinema. Performed in Calgary, in western Canada, this new daily and banal, as extracted from films stopped on picture. She projects us into sceneries that one would swear to have already seen and fits somewhere in a drawer of the collective imagination. It is also the journey and the temp that are played out in this new work, the passage from one history to another, the furtive opening on extracts of life, or their two faces make effect of reasons, which are repackaged in the photographs, as if to remind us that lies and fiction can also tell us a form of truth.”

Bady Dalloul – ‘Sans-titre’ – 2016
Bady Dalloul’s matchbox art was amazing, the simplify of framing a drawing with a match box was very inspiring. The way Dalloul had curated his piece was but lining all of the matchboxes up next to each other in groups and you had to walk around the space to follow the story, the drawings were put into groups, like chapters. The drawings were full of personality and character, they were also very political.
“Series of 120 pocket drawings. Drawing in black pen, felt pen and pencils on bristol board, bursts in matchboxes.”

Bady Dalloul – ‘Discussion Between Gentlemen’ – 2016
Bady Dalloul also had another very strong piece, I think it may have been the most powerful and relevant work for me at the show. It was a birds eye video of two men drawing lines (boarders?) on a map and soon after drawing them, rubbing them out. It was a continual video that went round and round, showing thyme lines being drawn and then earned again, as if they didn’t really know what they were doing. It was very powerful to watch, because it made me think of the question that a lot of my generation are asking at the moment : Why do we have boarders? And Who decides on where these boarders are?, Who has the power to change these simple lines? Two gentlemen?
“Video, map of 1920, pencils, 9’30”

Other pieces I liked:
Esther Michaud – ‘Intersection’ – (2018)
“The intersecting series is a set of collages where different stages of construction meet. the simple grid confronts the richness of the weave of wood or weaving. These connections between the materials or the orthogonality is very present leave perfect the fiber to be freed from this rigor”


Maxime Verdier – ‘Serie de peintures’ (Series of paintings) – (2018)
“The spark, The way forward, The theft of witches, The quest not?, The reverse of the decor, The laissez-faire, The anguish, The weight of dreams, The gap.”

Camille Soualem
‘Apéro’ (Aperitif) (2017)
‘Dimanche’ (Sunday) (2019) ‘Neurasthénie’ (Neurasthenia) (2018)

The exhibition goes from 20 march to 31

211 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019,



Edie Ashley

Edie Ashley grew up in Wales, where she gained a love for motorcycles and horses. She is currently collaborating with Bolt Motorcycles on her first clothing collection made from surplus fabrics. She has a radio show on Portobello Radio called Dirt Bike Dub.