Neith Nyer photos by Guillaume Roujas for NOWFASHION

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The text for Neith Nyer collection is so good that I’ll just give you a few bits…

“A brutal car crash, tender lovemaking; the inaugural collaboration between Neith Nyer and DDP was designed with the intensity of both. It is not just about two brands working together, it is an attempt to create an aesthetic that blurs the lines between the new and the old, luxury and streetwear.”

I’ve been watching the Neith Nyer collection since its early days and the collection is alway a strong reflection of the mind of the designer Francisco Terra. With this new collaboration the DDP Founder Laurent Caillet and Neith Nyer Creative Director Francisco Terra, share their love for flea markets and with the collection convey their story of a girl obessively searching for bargins, she will leave a club early morning to get the best deals at the garage sales. The collection is about accumulation and putting together clothes from clashing universes.

Last night Francisco Terra signed the contract that now he is also the Creative Director of DDP.

“The collection is under the auspices of the iconic figure of the eggman, one of the most memorable visual elements of DDP, whose face is burned on jersey and hand-sewn hoodies. This character, revived for the collection, serves as the symbol of “Neith Nyer and DDP”, a brand that stands for playfulness and inclusivity.”

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Congratulations Francisco Terra.



Diane Pernet

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