Chiron enters Aries; What you gonna be finessing now 𓁀 𓁁

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Uranus rules trends, He takes 7 years to transit from one sign to another, and will be soon entering Taurus beginning of March.   The Planet of sudden and unexpected change always leaves a parting gift to shake us up.  Lets see what hits my feed come March 6th.

When something becomes 𓂀dé’classé moyenne𓂀 its time to drop it faster than a 𓆈 ‘Namaste’ 

No point jumping on the tail end of any downward trend.

Yoga is over, coconut oil is over, trolling online is over, drugs are over, eating disorders mascaraing as health regimes O.V.E.R, you resisted too long to start going planet based now.   

𓂨 Porn HUB is over lets someone real play with your 𓂸 𓂻 𓂺 𓂽

Reality is back, shining from inside, following your truth, real friends, following your impulse, time to leave home.

Jai Kali 𓆗 Maa, Jai! 𓁿

Annihilate all false perception, destroy emotional reactions, and allow me to open wide to the Eternal Power, which holds me up! 

From where does my own motion arise? It is from Kali who is turning motion itself!

Time to drop the e from emotion – mark this day on your forehead for Chiron has moved, from Pisces and entered Aries proper.

Chiron deals with the wounds we carry, the paralysis of our motion.   Where the world ridicules, and throws salt at our every step.  Burning you for trying to escape your inner demon, once we are able to integrate the negative into the positive, we transcend this tender energy point releasing our pain.  

Depending on where Chiron is placed in your natal chart is where others don’t see your pain/gifts clearly.   Yet we’re able to see our pain in others, and like healers we bring the medicine to them.  If only someone would see our pain, Chiron is no victim, working thru his lessons we really climb unimaginable heights.   

During its transit in Pisces 2010- 2018

We saw an increase in wellness, especially in Yoga retreats and juice bars to the darker side of addictions and escapism, such as the opioid crisis, and not forgetting the state of our oceans, and the surge in people serving salmon stakes … Please stop! Meat is back, good, clean sustainable meat to fan our inner flames… a small amount of quality fire is needed to prevent dampness in the body.  Something needs to balance the yin energy

Chiron in 𓃵 Aries 

Feb 18, 2019 – Apr 14, 2027

Chiron was last in Aries from 1968 to 1976, so if you’re born during this period, this will impact you more so, and if you’re 49-50 then you’re having your Chiron Return.  Cancel that Easter fasting retreat, no more purging your guts out on ayahuasca. 

Chiron in Aries is believing, and honouring our creative impulse, truly being able to support our expression and loving our self.  We will probably see narcissism like we’ve never seen before, are you ready to shine with “no filter” not quite yet , its gonna be a balancing act.  

Due to the way it orbits the sun, crossing between Uranus and Saturn’s orbits it takes longer to transit thru Pisces and Aries, this allows for a gradual healing.  

Chiron also rules over suicide, the ultimate escapism.  While it was in Pisces the exit would of been thru addictions and self medicating using drugs, alcohol and sex, and thank you Nan Goldin, for exposing the corruption of Big Pharma, She’s a Virgo, for trailblazing this.  

Virgo’s rule over health and medicine so this is no surprise, especially since addiction and escapism is ruled over by Pisces her opposite sign.     

Aries rules sharp objects and sudden actions, especially knives … you can see where this is leading to.  42-48 is critical ages, and people tend to timeout during this period, especially as their Rahu (N.Node) and Ketu (S.Node) mature by 48.   This is a time; many come to terms with not following their destiny.  Further compounded by their Chiron Return time around 49-50.  Not leaving much slack to process all these regrets and emotions.

Chiron retrograded into Aries April 18 – Sept 18, In London we saw a surge in knife crimes last year.  I guess we’ll be seeing a lot more of this as Chiron transits Aries.   A Bull in a china shop, might break porcelain, a Ram will be butting heads to find its balance.  Criticism will be a sore point as we learn to find temperance

Aaron x

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Chiron → Aries 7:21 am

​Sun sextile Uranus 7:54 am

​Venus conjunct Saturn 10:52 am

​Sun trine Pallas 10:53 am

​Pallas turns Retrograde 6:00 pm

​Sun → Pisces 10:58 pm






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