Bent Lovers 💋💋  “Party for your right to fight” Public Enemy 1988

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I could carry on writing or you can just listen to the above track … I’ll carry on writing … this is going to be fast, and erratic … dropping this before a client arrives 

Capricorn rules over the need to ask permission, if you need to deal with authority, if it needs a key to turn the lock, then your dealing with Capricorn, and Saturn’s dual energy.    

It rules our internal structures, i.e. our bones and teeth.  If it wears a uniform, it’s ruled by Capricorn 

It takes over 3 hours to dissolve a human body in Sodium Hydroxide… you’ll need to heat it to 300°, a kettle will only boil up to 100° 

Time is ruled by Saturn.   If you need to put a ring on it … also Saturn 

Running back to 1988, when Saturn was last in Capricorn (Saturn in Capricorn from February 13 – June 9, 1988 – November 11, 1988 – February 6, 1991)

We saw the fall of the Soviet Union 1988-1991 (The Velvet Revolution), the end of the Apartheid, and the release of Nelson Mandela (A Cancerian (opposite sign of Capricorn)) 

Back to the future, in 1961, Saturn transited Capricorn, the Berlin Wall was built (13 August 1961) – Demolished during Saturn’s Capricorn transit in 13 June 1990 (completed in 1992) 

Wall Street Crash of 1929, Saturn was in Capricorn 

Palestine proclaimed itself as an independent state in 1988 😘👊🏽👊🏻👊🏼

Capricorn rules Oil – Iraq twice invaded Kuwait, 1961 and 1990 both during Saturn’s transit in Capricorn

Who’s talking about building walls again? 

Who’s talking about leaving corrupt international organisations? 

Who’s talking about Oil rich countries?

And the 2008 Banking crash, Pluto the great destroyer entered Capricorn, and will remain until 2024 … Amore Mio!

I have to add a lot of other outer planets were also transiting Capricorn during 1988-1990

We are now in the last 12 months of Saturn’s transit through Capricorn … and again oppressive structures will fall, and in the words of MLK (A Capricorn) we have the opportunity to be,  “Free at last! Free at last!”

Dissolve the structures that no longer serve you, before they dissolve you 🔥

aaron x 

Saturn 14° Capricorn sextile Neptune 14°Pisces  14:15GMT

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Public Enemy “Party for your right to fight” 1988

Ph. Erwin Blumenfeld

Aaron Sharif

Moonlight Blue Astrology Consultant / Visual Mixer