Take Back That Sad Word Goodbye; Capricorn’s Busy Tonight

Dear Shaded Viewers,


The first reaction to any emotion is a change of breath.  You’ll need long deep breaths this year, long deep breaths.


Forget last years constant mental implosions, this year starts with some big players. Mars is in his home sign of Aries; Jupiter is home in Sagittarius.  Saturn has been very comfortable at home in Capricorn, not forgetting Neptune dissolving boundaries in its home sign of Pisces.


Expect some sudden endings, and beginnings.  They’ll be coming fast this year, especially with tonight’s solar eclipse, leapfrogging us into a whole new direction.


What do you need to let go of? It could be a person, a belief, or a way of life?  Your hands need to be free to turn the key to the new beginning.


You can cry a little, make it quick, and then let go.   Grieving needs a deadline and that’s come today.   Deal with the hot stuff later, if it’s too emotional, it needs burying, and quick.


Uranus stations direct 28° Aries come Monday, that will add jet fuel to any ideas. Tonight the Universe is dealing out 2019 cards, where does your point of mastery reside.  This part of your life will definitely feel activated.


Hierarchies, and structures, have and will start transforming faster this year.  Keep your eyes out for counter news stories trying to distract your attention from the real story.


The revolution will meet the oppressor very soon.  Already since last year people have been progressing from fighting for ideals, to fighting for a change in there condition.   Expect this to only increase, as this year will feel more real, and with that comes a choice.  As it will be a physical experience, why not make it pleasant, and less rigid.


All this Neptune in Pisces squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius ends of March.  Where have your beliefs got you?  Is it time to revaluate those beliefs?


New grounded dreams, lay strong foundations to a new system.


Don’t shoot the horses after their first race.   Keep on racing, but maybe there’s another way, a new path to the top of the mountain.


Aaron x


Partial Solar eclipse tomorrow morning 01:28 GMT 06/01/2019


Two Things to Avoid during an Eclipse; All Life goes thru a momentary shock , a deep profound shock 


Bacteria increase around eclipses, so avoid eating 6 hours before and 6 hours after the eclipse


Ultra Violet waves increase during eclipses, avoid being outside around the time of the eclipse.



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All Times GMT

Mercury enters Capricorn 3:35 am

Neptune 14° Pisces sextile Icarus 14°Capricorn 8:15 am

Venus 28°Scorpio trine Chiron Pisces 28° 6:00 pm

A lot going on in Capricorn; Mercury 0°, Moon 8°, Saturn 11°, Icarus 14°, Sun 14°, Pluto 20°& Ketu 26°


Ph. E Blumenfeld

Aaron Sharif

Moonlight Blue Astrology Consultant / Visual Mixer