Grab Your Pearls !!! This Is A Pearl Clutching Moment – 0°Cancer Full Moon Opposes 0°Capricorn Sun

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Friday night, the Sun ran into 0°Capricorn, as darkness triumphed over light.  Just in time for Saturday’s 0°Cancer Full Moon, an intense ending, to an intense week.


2018 started with a Cancer Full Moon, and now as the days fall into 2019, it ends with a Cancer Full Moon.


The ending is always more lasting than the beginning.


Full Moons bring completion, where completion is needed.  Casting light on certain areas of our lives, and this Moon is especially lighting up issues concerning home and family.


The Moon has two sides, the face that it shows the world, and the darker hidden side that it never reveals.


This Full Moon comes with an extra below the belt punch.  It’s joining the North Node (Rahu) in Cancer, and this will definitely trigger issues that have been buried deep in your psyche, that you need to release to help you move forward.


If you don’t know how to cry, learn quick!


Issues around your mother; who you are; where you come from, will surface. Your foundations can be rocked, if built on insecurity, and fear.  Abandonment issues, as well as holding onto others for security, may come up at this time or be challenging.


We will also feel inclined to nurture that what we love, protecting what/who we love, and cherish.


Empathy will reign supreme for these few days, so forgive where you need to forgive, and cry what need’s to be released… no ones playing come 2019


Aaron x


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Ph. Serge Lutens

Aaron Sharif

Moonlight Blue Astrology Consultant / Visual Mixer