1000 years of Constantinople didn’t go to waste on you! New Moon 15° Sagittarius

Dear Shaded Viewers,


The Sagittarius annual cycle begins today, the gifts are arriving.  This will only intensify as the months proceed.


Now is the time to sow the seeds of desire, and ambition.  Ignore the noise, walk into your truth.  Feel the golden gates within open, revealing your true path ahead.


No one will care for the stoic; express to elevate.  Leave the noise of distraction behind you.


There is a high degree of idealism on the zeitgeist.  So, we don’t need no martyrs, we don’t need no new gods.


We want to aim bigger, better, and with more meaning.


Generation Sagittarius (1996-2008) your speeding to the front.  If you’re born in 1996, you’ve already entered the first year of your sun cycle.  Where can you shine? gallop towards this goal.


The Moon, and The Sun conjunct at 15°, this comes with positive karma around giving, and receiving love.  By feeling compassion inwards, we are able to transmit this love to others.


If you’re able to locate your inner pain, feel where it hurts, find the voice to express it.  Listen only to this voice; you know what’s best for you – train that muscle to respond to this inner voice/s.


Tonights dreams will hold meaning, dream big, and set sail for the voyage ahead


Aaron x

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​New Moon 15° Sagittarius conjunct Sun 15° Sagittarius  07:21

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Aaron Sharif

Moonlight Blue Astrology Consultant / Visual Mixer