Don’t Blame The Night For Being Dark – Venus Enters Scorpio

Dear Shaded Viewers,


It’s better to cut a broken heart out; wounds heal faster than pain.


A spark alone creates no fire; bring the phoenix.  For it must feel the flames, before he is released from the ashes.


Wise is the man, who takes the scorpion for their counsel.  Fool is he, who chooses his enemy from this sign.


No other is able to love without condition.  The scorpion’s strength comes from their surrender.


Venus is still Lucifer, rising before the sun.  She is still filled with enthusiasm, towards her love.  This vulnerability, and that mindless word ‘hope’, will make her learn the hard way.


For Venus in Scorpio lives in passion, eventually turning to control.  Love needs more than this.  If I hold you any closer I know I will only crush you, and temperance is card I never held.    The more you pull, the more I push.


How can I let go?

I choose humiliation as my Master.  Where I see white you bring black.


Aaron x



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Venus enters back into Scorpio 0° at 16:49 joining Mercury at 29° The Race into Scorpio continues

Chiron 27° Pisces trine North Node Cancer 27° & sextile South Node Capricorn 27°  17:45


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Aaron Sharif

Moonlight Blue Astrology Consultant / Visual Mixer