Shout out to all the shoplifters. Today the Universe is handing you a Full Moon  💫 


Dear Shaded Viewers,


How can I resist this delicious gossip dripping with lies?  It’s tentacles are pulling me in.  I know It’s futile to resist .


Today’s lies will sound so sweet; no smile is as alluring as a Gemini smile.  Lies so beautifully wrapped, waiting at check out. 


Launching Titanic after Titanic. 


While the Sun’s thinking BIG in Sagittarius, the Full Moon wants to gossip and play in Gemini.


A single queen 0° Gemini, stands in opposition to her king 0° Sagittarius.  


Through shattered mirrors; her lies will multiple and create confusion.  


For Gemini’s ruler Mercury dances thru Sagittarius.  As he shift from the male to the female creating confusion as he rides his chariot; retrograding thru Sagittarius.


A little play won’t harm anyone; besides, perception lies to me all the time.  As long as you’re true to your self, ride the chariots of mischief.  Creating doubt and confusion.  


I give you the keys to the lower realms for the higher mind is beyond your reach.  


The twin flames will be burning bright tonight – make it exciting or don’t call me !


Always with kisses Aaron x




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Ph. Araki


Aaron Sharif

Moonlight Blue Astrology Consultant / Visual Mixer