The horse will choose freedom over love; this is no S.O.S!


Dear Shaded Viewers,


“He comes out of the swirling winds of the desert, smelling of camel and goat. To tell Persia where to kneel” He who allies with my enemies, allies against “the house of lions”

For my heart is fire, my mind is steadfast, bring forth the archers to my horizon with their burning arrows.

After 30 nights of Scorpio’s intense emotions, we’re finally seeing our vision.

A voice has been given to my truth, pulling me out of this deepest well of darkness.

Surely it was a Sagittarius who told the emperor he had no clothes. When this sign speaks, none of his words are held back. 

He shoots straight from the truth, piecing the heart of the liar with his razor sharp arrows.

He has seen the whole, and wants his freedom to accomplish his dreams.

Welcome to 30 days of bright autumn smiles and cheeky playful eyes. Welcome to Sagittarius season.  Where we talk BIG!!!

The sign that never want to go; leaving is the hardest thing to do.  

For he wants to burn the hearth wherever he wonders.  He may need to return to rekindle these flames…

Where do you stand, in whose truth or whose lie?

A lesson for the archer 

It’s not our job to impress you. Sometimes you need to get off that high horse, before it bucks you.  Dressing like a warrior alone, fools no horse into battle.

It’s not our job to understand you. Learn to articulate what you feel into words that others will understand. 

It’s the mistakes, that make us human; we can’t all be gods to be worshipped.  

Learn to cross the bridges from your dreams, and when you wake remember those visions.  As this sign sees while others sleep.    

The gates of heaven are slowly opening; the scrolls of knowledge are there to be read.

Yet don’t hide behind those diplomas and scrolls of academia. Be the gypsy that your heart desires.  

Nothing is more beautiful then seeing horses run free.  

Nobody sees like this sign, and like the horse he has a right eye on the right side and a left eye on the left side.  For the archer needs his razor sight to pick the flower of his dreams.

And know your worth, for you are mightier than the sword at your highest.

Find your guru; seek him, who speaks from the heart. 

For truth it is your ultimate arrow,  know knowledge needs to be lived, not just preached at the arch of the temple.

The golden gates are slowly opening; the gods are curiously listening.  Speak now!

Our higher self is awakening – the archer with shot upon your lies; judgement will fall upon the lower mind.  I spit these words for you to understand!

I see my future, I have seen, so I believe.

Jupiter, the great lord has entered Sagittarius, All Hail! All Hail! 

He will stay a whole year building the strength after the hard burden of Lord Saturn’s transit of 2014-2017 and will square Neptune the great dissolver in Pisces.

Don’t go too high, you may find the bridges back to reality have been dissolved, while mercury retrogrades through Sagittarius/Scorpio until the 6th of December.  

Hold the tongue for not all ears want or need to know the truth.   

Icarus is flying too close to the sun; how will you return to make real your dreams, little boy?

Always with kisses Aaron x

Sun 0° joins Jupiter 3°, Mercury Rx 11° & Icarus 19° in Sagittarius 🐎🐎🐎🐎

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Aaron Sharif

Moonlight Blue Astrology Consultant / Visual Mixer