Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

I want to talk about “Neomelodica”: a collection to sing, to dance, to wear.

Beyond all simple trends, the new Fall/Winter Collection 2018-2019 of Alcoolique by Rocco Adriano Galluccio, represents a true and proper lifestyle, like a traditional Neapolitan song that lives forever.  So here Alcoolique’s woman walks solemnly and noble: she is the most beautiful in the hall, dressed in gowns realized with rainbow paillettes or silver paillettes covered by weightless pink silk chiffon.

The entire collection’s inspiration comes from the ’50s, with tight-fitting gowns on the waist and poodle skirts, in flower printed jacquard in two sizes, to recall the tapestry, matched to the white blouse, a must-have piece in every collection. The Neomelodica woman is not only a singer but also a passionate Beatles’ fan in the 60s, as the suits with palazzo cut trousers recall, in a romantic swinging pastel pink bouclè. To complete the collection, long gowns and robes enriched by maxi bows appear, in a mix that plays on two different levels: the street and the contemporary style.

Neomelodica: a way of being.
Neomelodica: a way of living
Neomelodica: a bold confident woman, the absolute protagonist of every situation.



Domenico Principato

Freelance illustrator, Graphic Designer and Creative Consultant based in Milan. With his drawings he wants to represent aspects of our society through the use of communicative and conceptual images. He was defined by Spanish art magazine “Paredro” as one of the 10 best illustrators in the world and included by Taschen among the 150 artists in the world that are part of the volume 4 of “Illustration Now”. He collaborates with style and trend offices offering creative solutions in the digital environment.