ISKO™: The Denim Ingredient

Domenico Principato, Roberto De Rosa, Anja Tufina

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

I want to show you some snaps of the last Milan Fashion Week with garments made of ISKO™ denim, the must-have ingredient of the most appreciated brands in the world.

ISKO ™ textile innovations are able to combine style and cutting-edge technology; inspired by the emerging trends in fashion, they are designed to meet the needs of any denim lover. Thanks to continuous research and experimentation, moreover, ISKO ™ gives life to patented and exclusive concepts that revolutionize the rules of denim, and guarantees the highest quality standards.

It is important, however, that the fashion world also learns how to go hand in hand with the commitment to sustainability. ISKO ™ has an approach totally dedicated to responsible innovation, which always puts the respect of the environment and people first. The company produces 250 million meters of fabric per year, in advanced factories equipped with a complete filtering and treatment system for the water used; in addition, innovative automation systems save large amounts of energy and significantly reduce carbon emissions. The dedication to responsible innovation has allowed ISKO ™ to become the first and only denim mill to receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel certifications.



Domenico Principato

Freelance illustrator, Graphic Designer and Creative Consultant based in Milan. With his drawings he wants to represent aspects of our society through the use of communicative and conceptual images. He was defined by Spanish art magazine “Paredro” as one of the 10 best illustrators in the world and included by Taschen among the 150 artists in the world that are part of the volume 4 of “Illustration Now”. He collaborates with style and trend offices offering creative solutions in the digital environment.