Hyun Mi Nielsen SS couture polaroid photos by Louise Damgaard

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Hyun Mi Nielsen was on the official haute couture calendar for the third time this season, this year with her collection entitled Mensch. Her theme was a reflection on the mass migration of people and animals moving around in space and time. The creations are accompanied with sounds like the collision of certain materials. The definition of the Yiddish word mensch is a person of honour and decency.

“Mensch is a collection of impressions of a composite world, where things continuously de- and recompose into new constellations.”

“Hyun Mi Nielsen up-cycles materials through various quilting and patchwork
techniques that recall anything from settler and folk culture to flower power
and punk. The composite character of the creations and the origins of the
chosen materials are not brushed over, but spelled out by use of multicolour
topstitching, safety pin applications of found metal objects and exploded raw
edge seams. The collection is the collision of the simple and sensual, the
refined and raw, the humble and lush. Mensch unfolds a creative universe,
where there’s continuous flow and disruption between denim, leather, silk,
viscose and other disparate materials.”
Accessories for the collection are collaboration with designer Zoe Lee.



Diane Pernet

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