Olivier Saillard’s “Baisers” & “Personal Dressing” – text by Emmanuel Pierre

Olivier Saillard’s new initiative, on show at Joyce Gallery, had the warm, pleasant impact of uncomplicated acts of curation.

Either a play on the absence-presence dichotomy – don’t we all love that word – or just a colour-coordinated mise-en-scene of his own wardrobe. Up to you to decide.

While pondering on the meaning of it all, if there is any, you may saunter among the innumerable lipstick traces, ephemeral gestures of affection collected over the years and stuck there for your puzzled attention.

Of course, and expectedly so, those lips belong to the many celebrities who, in our collective fashion unconscious, daily surround Mr Saillard from dawn to dusk while the rest of us wallow in mediocrity.

Lousy jokes and curation put aside, I am definitely looking forward to discovering what Saillard has been up to as artistic director at J.M. Weston.

Let’s hope change is afoot (pun intended) !