Chef NARESH RAMDJAS turned MENAGE Amsterdam’s intimate MEN dinner, into celebration! – Text by Marcelo Horacio Maquieira Piriz



Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

After a press opening on Tuesday July 11th due the additional MEN department to the existing women designer’s selection, MENAGE offered a private dinner later that night. Reasons for festivities went beyond that, to mention a second one, DIANE PERNET PARIS perfume line was presented the same day with the greatest presence: Diane herself! When the summery cold amuse arrived on the table, guests from Amsterdam, Antwerp and Paris; were already togetherness in one big loving fun!


– Amuse: Tomato bouillon accompanied by mini tomatoes, avocado-jalapeno cream, puffed quinoa and herbal sorbet.

MENAGE was welcoming the store’s international relations by combining a delicious dinner with the most spicy fashion chats. For the occasion the menu was designed and catered by Cafe Droog’s guest chef Naresh Ramdjas and served in the upstairs Courtyard Room by the friendly staff. Chitchats, conclusions and breaking news were the confetti spread all over the white tablecloth that night: let’s recall the recent Spring 2018 Menswear and Fall 2017 Couture shows (with A.F.Vandevorst included in the couture official calendar for the first time).


-Entrée: Roasted and colored cauliflower in za’atar, spelt and burrata.

On my right hand, yours truly Diane shared the story of her first visit to Amsterdam – and to the old continent – at the age of twenty-one; getting lost through Europe with an Interrail pass. Amsterdam based talents Imruh Asha (stylist), Carlijn Jacobs (photographer), and Glamcult’s editor-in-chief Leendert Sonnevelt, did not hesitate to add their own naughty anecdotes on top of Diane’s sweet ones! It was not that much about snapping photos, but instead sharing stories to dine!


– Main Course:

Candied mini potatoes with stewed leek, French artichoke, zucchini flowers, salsola.

Verveine and Parmesan sauce, hazelnut crumbles combined with herbal flowers.

Grilled see bass and juicy rib eye.

The fluid and smooth conversation went also about the long-term fashion affairs in between Paris and Amsterdam. Paris based designer Cem Cinar was irrevocably the one to toast for. His Rouge Margaux Spring-Summer 2018 pre-collection was worldwide premièred the same day at MENAGE; evoking women who easily wear delicacy and roughness all at once. Rouge Margaux’s lookbook was shot in the Dutch area of Noordwijkerhout – surrounded by sexy dunes and water lilies – proving the solid working network in between these two cities.


– Dessert: Strawberry curd with rosewater, meringue, pistachio and rhubarb crumble.

And on the cozy far left, the regal crew of A.F.Vandevorst’s designers An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx, Fantastic Man’s Gert Jonkers, and art director/stylist Maarten Spruyt, debated the red-hot artistic qualities of Antwerp vs. Amsterdam.

Under the gray clouds plaguing Amsterdam’s skyline that night, no one knew better than MENAGE that it was party-time somewhere, right?

Photos: @jwkaldenbach



Marcelo Horacio Maquieira Piriz