Take a walk on the seaside at Luis Buchinho

Dear Diane and Shaded viewers,

Drawing inspiration from the seaside might be seen as pretty daring for a Fall/Winter season, though the wish of Portuguese designer Luis Buchinho isn’t to depict a dreamy postcard beach with models hitting the catwalk in swimsuits and bikinis, but to transcripe the deep symbiosis that is the literal meeting place of two elements, water and earth.

Buchinho’s attunes materials, playing with transparency, superimposing the fabrics in several layers overlapped with each other. Fashion classics are redesigned, nylon trench coats are printed with pebble and rock patterns, skirts are made in treated wool in order to be weatherproof . Lines are pure just like a sea breeze. The color scheme remains sober, going from black, clay, navy blue to white and touches of red, as a way to stay in tune with the landscape.


XXL messenger bags and high heels boots come along to offer very complete looks that may be part of an urban landscape particularly thanks to crimped hair and oversized sunglasses bringing on a scent of 70s.

A bientôt,



Antoine Ghazi

Sorbonne University student in Bachelor of Foreign Languages and Economics. Speaks French, English, German and Arabic. Living his passion for Fashion, Music, Travel and Art in all its shape!