Dear Diane and Shaded viewers,

Rynshu has been presenting his creations in Paris for 25 seasons, to celebrate this anniversary the Japanese designer set up a show in the prestigious Hotel Meurice.

During the whole show, time feels suspended in the room, Rynshu brings us into his own universe. A lot of emotions are conveyed by every workpiece and as another model hits the runway, a new verse of this Haiku blooms.

Yamaji interlaces Japanese secular art of “Tomesod√©”, as used for kimonos tailoring, with modernity and avantgarde. Black as a leitmotiv, enhances the red embroidered roses and silver oriental patterns. Mythical Koi carps swirl throughout the military boots.The work on the textures and the fabrics is particularly remarkable, every single piece of Rynshu work speaks for itself when it comes to reckon the quantity of work invested in each of them. Swarovski crystals, silver jacquard and black silk playing with the prism of light. Suddenly,it seems like Andy Warhol’s spectre comes gracing the audience with his white bob and futuristic sunglasses. Two-piece suit is no longer formal but festive, interacting with the environment. Close-fitting cut redefines the silhouettes bestowing a very chic allure.

Attention to detail as watchword, Yamaji has the rigor of Japanese people combined to an edgy sensibility. It’s in this duality that remains what makes his sharp work so special.

A bientot,


Antoine Ghazi

Sorbonne University student in Bachelor of Foreign Languages and Economics. Speaks French, English, German and Arabic. Living his passion for Fashion, Music, Travel and Art in all its shape!