Pam Hogg spring 2017 – text by Eilidh Nuala Duffy

Dear Shaded Viewers & Diane,

Overheard outside Freemason’s Hall was a young woman saying “you have to be rockstar royalty to get a ticket to that show”. Obviously this is not true. There were, of course, some stars present but it was nowhere near as exclusive as that particular bystander perceived – it was actually rather overcrowded as attendees pushed & shoved to the front of the queue – & I have a bruise to prove it.

But even if there was an element of truth to the observation, there is far more to Pam Hogg than her rockstar status. Legendary for her post-punk fame, for this season the Scottish designer threw back a couple of decades & brought to the catwalk an ode to the bohemian crowd of the late 1960s – of course, with a twist. Pussy bow shirts were paired with latex shorts & gravity-defying platforms & her signature catsuits were not going to be excluded.

Having just received an honorary doctorate from Glasgow School of Art she brought with her photographer Scarlett Carlos Clarke (daughter of the late photographer Bob Carlos Clarke) who appeared in the show. Some old faces were present as well, Josh Quinton of Disco Smack & of course Sadie Pinn, one half of DJ duo Crim3s. She appeared in another mesh catsuit which, much like the one from the Brit awards, exposed her bush – it peeking from behind an aptly placed sequin splodge. The crowd erupted as Anita Pallenberg emerged, walking stick in hand.

A much lighter collection than previous seasons, the Fat White Family’s Whitest Boy On The Beach whimsically boomed from the speakers. The South London band have been hailed as the closest thing to modern punk, with shows often being an experience – pissing into cups & shouting vulgarities at the crowd are a staple of their live shows.

Friends cheered as models emerged, the front row clearly being reserved for the designer’s extended group of friends. It’s clear that Pam Hogg likes to keep things a family affair, even if it’s not exclusively for “rockstar royalty”.



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