Mimi Wade spring 2017 – text by Eilidh Nuala Duffy

Dear Shaded Viewers & Diane,

“Everyone said it should be Mount Mimi, but that would have taken away from the whole paramount thing”, Mimi Wade’s boyfriend Vegyn (his producer alias) who provided the music for the presentation tells me. We stand inspecting a large mountainous sculpture made to look like the famous logo. Instead of Paramount it announces the arrival of her latest collection – MimiMount.

It’s no secret that Mimi Wade’s ultimate inspiration is her Grandmother, which is where the whole movie thing that the designer is known for really comes in. ‘Granny dresses’ may have made quite the comeback in 2009 but Wade’s grandmother was less ASOS Boho dress & a bit more glam. In fact, her Grandmother was a successful Hollywood actress – Pamela Curran.

Jewelled earrings were juxtaposed with soft, comfortable shoes, invoking images of an ageing star who still wants to look & feel glamorous but needs that extra bit of comfort (who doesn’t, especially over fashion week). Pictures of pups from her grandmas magnet collection were hijacked for the jewellery as she immortalises each of her dogs on the kitchen fridge in sunny California.

As well as her grandmother’s life, each season Wade takes a slice of film history, chews it up & then spits it back out on to screen printed silks & thick, sexy leathers. This time, the designer looked to Japanese Sci-Fi horror of the 1970s for her prints but the presentation was – in true Wade style – exceptionally cute.



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