The Divine Atom: Threeasfour SS17

The SS17 collection at Threeasfour is a celebration of the atom – thought to be the building block of our existence. What we didn’t know, or what we might sometimes forget, is that atoms are mostly made up of empty space; it’s the vibrations of light and sound that give these minuscule grains of the world the illusion of substance. And so Threeasfour has created a collection that takes as its focus the importance of perception in design, and acknowledges the otherworldly beauty of the unseen particles that make up the world around us.

Design trio Adi Gil, Gabi Asfour, and Angela Donhauser sent an Aquarian selection of kaftans, jumpsuits, and flowing pants down the runway, many of which appear to be unisex and were worn by natural-looking models of all ages and sizes. The footwear was futuristic and happily wearable – a collaboration between Threeasfour and Vibram FiveFinger toe shoes. Makeup was minimal but concentrated around the eyes in small decorative patterns. 

Most pieces showcased Threeasfour’s signature layering and unique sense of shape and volume, and a few sported cutouts and sculptural ruffles. The whole collection seemed to crawl with colorful little lifeforms in a kaleidoscope of patterns. Accompanied by the tinkling of chimes and minimalist electronic music, the SS17 collection was a visual and cerebral success.