The Blonds Have More Fun at NYFW

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The Blonds runway show on Sunday night was an electrifying celebration of the brand’s 10 year anniversary. Designers David and Phillipe Blonde announced an expansion of the iconic line, a favorite amongst pop stars like Katy Perry, Beyoncé, and Nicky Minaj, and Miley Cyrus.

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“We’re at a point now where we’re starting to mature the line. We’re going to still maintain the business that we have now, but we’re to going to expand it. We’re going to add special occasion, red carpet,” David told Fashion Times in a backstage interview.

The Blonds revisited their signature looks in a show with heaps of attitude and a heavy dose of (surprise!) blonde hair. Models walked the runway in platinum knee-high boots, sparkling crystal corsets, flowing tule skirts, and sky-high platinum wigs. Guests were gifted shampoo and conditioner sets by Blonde Sexy Hair, and Perfect 365 selfie-sticks. I have never used one of these but am so very excited to try it out.

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The Blonds show was an absolute joy and the collection is so spectacular that we are sure to see pieces pop up on our favorite celebrities in the near future. Philipe particularly hopes to see his designs on the new girl-guard, Grimes, Zendaya, Kylie Jenner, FKA Twigs. Their devoted fan-base certainly isn’t going anywhere, either – Kelly Osbourne, Christina Milian, and Dacha Polanco were all in attendance.

A glittering success for the Blonds at this year’s NYFW!

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