New Standards at Eckhaus Latta SS17

On a sweltering Saturday afternoon in Seward Park, designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta unveiled their new collection for their namesake cult-brand Eckhaus Latta. Guests were provided with perfumed sandalwood fans, but it might have been wiser to give them towels on this exceptionally muggy day. 

 Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 11.35.41 AM

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 11.36.22 AM

Yet as soon as the show began, the crowd was reinvigorated by Eckhaus Latta’s new looks. Known for their dystopian aesthetic and appeal to an artistic crowd, the duo has been experimenting with more retail-able garments, albeit in keeping with their fragmented signature look. In working with sample rooms this season, Eckhaus has managed to raise the bar in construction while retaining their cleaned-up anarchist style.

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Standouts included oversized rolled knits, flyaway nylons, and zippered skirts with dramatic front slits in corduroy and denim. I appreciated seeing a few non-traditional models (read: not a size zero, over the age of 20) in the lineup as well. From a non-traditional brand, it seems appropriate that they should be the first to set a new standard.

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