Dear Shaded Viewers,

Jan Melka held her first show last week where she sold over 20 pieces and now has commissions for others. 21-year-old Jan finds some of her inspiration on the internet. 

"Jan’s thick black felt-tip drawings reveal an instinctive strength. Rather than a statement of contortions, the curbs suggest the body’s intimate pleats, or the circumnavigations of the brain and other hidden spots within the human form. " India ink is the medium of choice and her influences range from the erotic universe of Alpha Channeling to Christophe Brunquells collages. Her series are based on obsessional repition using one medium.

Her experience includes photographic assignements for the english language webzine Tendaysinparis; a solo exhibition with Inexplore Paris in December 2014 and performances with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

The works from the show can be seen in an ephemeral Instagram : @Janmelkafirstshow,  or work in progress @janmelk.