Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

If perfection had a name it would be the Cube. In the very heart of the Paris art, hidden between the Museum Picasso and oniric galleries, are gathered in two stages the excellence of the Fashion universe. Impassioned and fascinating, artists and designers from all other the world share the secrets of their works of art. In this huge "cube", where the magnificence has no end, I had the pleasure to meet five talented creators. 

There is Kofta and his baroque work. Unusual and surreal, the collection freely inspired by the architecture and the structures of nature unveils historic pieces. Following the lines and the sculptural curves of the sixteenth century buildings, bags and apparels are both timeless and unique. As if it was straight out of a Tim Burton movie, the collection of Konstantin Kofta absorbs us in a dream where only perfection exists.

Andreeva, for its part unveils a rich palette of colours and a very practical collection inspired from the style of posters 80s pop culture. Dedicated to the talented designer who created the iconic logo "I Love NY", the garments are both very elegant and functional. Combining artifical fur, neoprene, jacquard, embroideries to pop and pastel colours, the creator has designed two clothes in one. Futuristic and poetic, Andreeva delivers here a pure and powerful work.

Giuseppe Buccinn