Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

« Desire shall not be restricted to only one sector ». In the very heart of Paris, rue de Turenne, the creators Mad Lane and the artist Stephanie Langard have gathered together, to converse with materials and bodies in space. The hovering paintings of Langard, suspended in the air above the very rock outfits of Mad Lane, shine like one sun in the galery Joseph. In blue or in red, the celestial star of the night inspires us and invites us to meditation. Nothing matters now. Time has stopped. As if the creations had transported us in another universe, materials make, from now on, one with us. Jeans become our skin and frames, our bodies. In a subtle mix of poetry and elegance, designers have met together beauty and technique, key words of excellence in art.

Galerie Joseph, 123 rue de Turenne.

Until January 17th.