Dear Shaded Viewers,



ASVOFF8’s masterclasses programme kicked off yesterday with director Nicolas Saada and composer Nicolas Godin – tallest half of the band Air – who talked about their two collaborations (on Aujourd’hui and Taj Mahal) as well as their mutual love of "esoteric" soundtracks.

For Godin, composing a soundtrack is akin to finding the language of a film, translating the essence of that film into music, and even weaving a connection with the audience by suggesting what may be unseen onscreen.

He also mentioned his work with Sofia Coppola (Virgin Suicides), commenting on the fact that Air’s soundtrack came out much darker than the film actually was because they had drawn inspiration from the original book.

Saada and Godin both agreed on the fact that music must be the most powerful medium to directly touch people’s heart and that it gives cinema much of its artistic dimension – and somehow its status of “classical work of art”.

Saada also described his creative process and how it is impossible for him to write without music, as the words, scenes and characters are always shaping to the sound of his favourite tracks.




Surrounded by a group of collaborator-friends, artist / interior designer Mathias Kiss had a look back at his most significant works, describing his transition from restorer to artist and his emancipation from the “classicism” he integrated through his training with the Compagnons.

Kiss seeks to integrate classical elements into a modern perspective by renewing their representation and dismantling the conventions of interior design.

Director Sebastien Peretto unveiled his short film on Kiss, filmed inside the artist’s former flat, with a soundtrack by Nicolas Godin.