Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Last night was surrealist. In the very heart of Paris, in the cinemas of the Centre Pompidou, aesthetes and creators from around the world gathered to discover the eighth evenment of A Shaded View On Fashion Film. On red seats, comfortable, the audience has assisted to an incredible opening mixing art, music, poetry, history and passion.

They were early. 30 minutes before the opening of the fair, the room was already full. « I can’t wait » did I hear in a conversation. Coming from Japan, America, India or Australia to see the launch of the new festival of ASVOF, the audience was very excited to discover the creations of the nominees of this year. And I can understand why ! At a time when art and fashion movies spangle the screen, the visionary vision of Diane Pernet (who created short-movies before everyone) discovers the talents of tomorrow.

In a few hours, absorbed into darkness, the magic happened. From the laudative speech of Orlan in respect of the work of Diane Pernet to the short movies of Camille Vivier and RJ, and the incredible performance of Pete Drungle, everything was perfect. The colours, the emotions, the music… as if the audience was transported into a wonderland, the years touched thee but lightly. And I am not telling you this because I love Diane. When you experience something beautiful, you just know it. You feel your heart beating, your cheeks flushing with pleasure and must of all, you feel nothing but happiness.

Yesterday, like the entirety of the spectators in the cinema, I dreamt a dream.

The Festival of ASVOFF continues until Sunday, 6th december.

Credits :Christian Tarro Toma