Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Have you ever been happy ? Happy like nothing bad coud happen to you , happy like nothing  meant more than happiness and blissfulness. I could assert you, if you had been close to me during the fair of jewelry in Italy, you would have experienced these feelings. But nevermind. Close your eyes and imagine three days of pure wonders…

It all starts with a glass of wine and a piece of cheese in Arezzo, a typical city of Tuscany. Your hand around your drink, your mouth enjoying the delicacy, your eyes contemplating hundreds of gold necklaces and precious stones suspended in midair. I told you, a dream come true… If you surely know that in Italy, there are spaghettis, tasty oils and smiling people, you may not know that in Tuscany, gold and fashion reign as kings.

In a huge building surrounded by silver trees and museum Orodautore, the three days of Gold/Italy have gathered buyers coming from more than 90 different countries. Especially coming to find out new artists and discover unreleased creations, attendees have, most of all, experienced the feeling of beauty. Between gold corridors where diamonds and stones were competing, it was an absolute kaleidoscope of jewelry. Without any lies, it was starry night in broad daylight !

Soon after you passed the door, you were absorbed into an oniric universe straight out from the wonderland of Snow White. Everything was flooded into darkness… except the golden creations of the exhibition hung on branchs like petals on a rose. « Brilliant » « Amazing »  « Incredible » I heard all day long. And it was just the beginning ! Because ater this sparkling introduction, you were truly shown in the eden of the jewelry.

 « Diamonds are an aesthete’s best friends isnt’it ? » Covered with leaves, waited on hand and foot with little biscuits or around the neck of models, gold was everywhere, in all its forms, for all tastes. Placed in the middle of the fair, Cameo, an italian brand specialized in seashell jewelry had combined the knowledge from the Ancients and the Moderns to create angels pendants crimped with pearls or cameo fairies. Not far from this brand, artists like Futuroremo decided to make gold playful, by turning it into spaghetti, hourglasses or geometrical figures when Alcozer from its part, accompanied stones and gold with little creatures, animals and mysterious symbols, to make jewelry « timeless and unique ». It was for sure a true success, I’d never seen a frog with a necklace before !

On the other side of the fair, close to a stage where models were parading with bracelets and large necklaces, attendees discovered the newest collections of their favorite brands. « The best way to mix useful with pleasant ». Judging by the smiles and the twinkles in the eyes of the spectators during the three days of Gold/Italy, the saying seemed true.

A marvellous way to dream alive and live a dream… 


Credits: Alice Develey