Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

there it is, a golden collection named "Chaos". Joining beauty and technique, the label unveils a pure jewelry collection based on a rare craftmanship of a talented artist, Serge. Rings espouse our fingers, when necklaces like a second skin appear to be floating in thin air. Flowers and animals grow out of our skin, like sap gives life to trees. Monkeys cling onto our hands close to owls or beetles accompanied with leaves or seeds. In pure gold or in solid silver interspersed with the brilliance of a diamond or the impact of Tahitian pearls, jewels are timeless and unique. Redrawing the lines of a finger or the curves of a lobe, creations inspired of nature and of the animal world encircle to perfection the skin. 

As the artist would say: "it is unusual, original and singular : a true encounter between silver and body". It is refreshing, elegant and luxurious: a beautiful collection is born . Serge will continue to surprise us for the best…