Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Hair is the new art. Have you ever redrawn buildings around you? Making them look like fountains, rockets, engines or big planes? Meschac Gaba has realized your secret dream and it's brilliant.

In 2004, surrounded by skyscrapers in New-York, the artist decided to re-imagined the city as if he’d take a brush and paint new canvas. Inspired by his past and the multiculturalism in the streets of the the big apple, he thought about creating « braided architectures ». « When I was living in New-York, i felt really small close to these huge buildings. I pictured them on my head ». From this very constatation, he realized that he could recreate his own world made with hair and chose to build european monuments such as Notre-Dame of Paris, the Tour Montparnasse or inventions like the planes of the Wright Brothers and the theorem of the mathematician Pythagore. In colours, wide, imposing or straight, the wigs exhibited in the National Museum of History, are no longer things that hide heads but memories of creations which tell stories and past lives.