#INTRODUCING : #GIENIA by Jenny Augustyn & Eleanor Williams #FINE #JEWELRY #RINGS

#INTRODUCING the latest project from my dear friend and long time collaborator in #LA Jenny Augustyn and her partner Eleanor Williams: #GIENIA

"From catacombs and catwalks to shady alleys and shimmering avenues, to the mountains, caves, and seas of the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa, Gienia brings together all of the marvels Jenny Augustyn and Eleanor Williams have discovered on their voyages seeking wonder and inspiration together.

Harnessing precious, yet sustainable materials, from all over the planet, Gienia is committed to conscientious beauty; embodying the core of Gienia’s ethic is the signature Shagreen clutch, a classic design that's firm to the touch, each one is handmade from stingray, more durable than cowhide and under no threat of extinction."

You can find more info on #GIENIA as well as about Jenny and Eleanor here. You can also purchase the rings above and other products here.