Forever a Freckle – first collection of British childrenswear brand

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I guess I have been around a lot of pregnant women these past few days and so it seems like a good time to write about children's clothes. These are vintage unisex designs with a modern twist. No more toddlers in jeans and hoodies. Let them be little! Forever a Freckle, a unisex childrenswear brand designed and manufactured in the UK, is about to release its first Spring/Summer collection. From April, the range will be available online at Each of the collection's core pieces is designed and manufactured in London alongside a small range of accessories hand printed in the UK.

The brand was co-founded in 2014 by mother and daughter duo Susan and Jo Ford. Jo explains where the story began:

'It all started when I had my son Sebastian and became very particular about what he wore. Everything available on the high street seemed to encourage toddlers to dress like teenagers. I didn't like this. I also hated the idea of such disposable clothing for children. I wanted to rewind to when clothing lasted long enough to become family hand-me-downs and childhood memories. And then my mum made Sebastian his first pair of dungarees from an original 1970s pattern. And now we are here with our first collection.'

'We want our kids to look cool, to be free and we want to let them be little. That's what kids should be and how and why our range has been designed'

'We used local children to model for our Lookbook, a local photographer, illustrator and screen printing company for all of our accessories. We want to keep that going as much as we can. Home-grown creatives coming together to make something successful, that is what we are hoping for'.

'Instagram has been a massive inspiration for us too and we will continue to search for inspiration and collaborators, especially other creative mums via social media. It's such a great platform.'

Prices range from £15 for hand printed t-shirts to £45 for the 100% cotton dungaree short. Forever a Freckle is definitely a childrenswear brand to watch – one to suit every wildling.The shop opens April 2nd. 

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