Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

In two stages, you’ll have an eye on the excellence of Japanese work. Impassioned and fascinating, artists and designers with a smile on their faces give you the envy of discovering a rare « savoir-faire » but also and most of all the pleasure of encontering a rich culture. In this bright room, where the japanese magnificence stops our eyes, they are ten talented creators.

There is Somarta and her « second skin » work. Presenting her collection in three categories, the spectator discovers with a great pleasure some useful clothes which never crumple and espouse the curves of our bodies. Notably worn by Lady Gaga, models or figures of ice-skating, the label is timeless, elegant and pure.

Motonari Ono, for its part unveils a military pop school collection directly inspired of the cosplay. There are laces, hems, pleated skirts and even squarred clothes which remind us our school years. Joining two diferent universes : casual and lolita, the creator has created two garments in one. Briliant.

Shiga and its natural materials with floral prints. Combining pure colors and type of shapes (tight and large), the creator recreates attires by mixing tissues : furs with wool or embroideries. The garment is no longer one clothes but two, with buttons, pockets and zips which change the drape like a flower-bud post hatch.

Ema and its magnificent work. Like a sculptor, the artist laser cuts leather to create an elegant geometrical jewelry on which are put hand-curved pearls. Fantastically precise, ema’s art will make your feathers ruffled.

Hh and its elegant unisex collection of socks and useful tights. Made of nylon, polyester or cupper, the shapes espouse the curves of bodies without hiding them. Materials and printed accompany the foot and the heel with delicacy by a fine drawing.

Marumasu for its part plays with materials to create and recreate unusual and elegant scarves. Made of silk, cashmere, wool or gaze, the artist gives rise to light and aerial tissues that can take anyform they like. Like a rose or a stem with its leaf, Marumasu dresses or neck like the greats.

Denim works offers us 40 possibilities to like its label. From the accessory to attires, the fashion house can realize all of your dreams. « Everything is customisable ». Made for requesting persons, Denim works will please to those people who want to be particular and fancy.

Grass note, is combining with poetry and elegance, sportswear and daily clothes « so that they could be useful, comfortable and soft ». For women who travel a lot with no time to iron, the artist has created a collection which never crumples and dries fast. The perfect habit of tomorrow…

And last but not least : Fugahum and its collection mixing  art and fashion. Inspired by the past and prefiguring the future, the artists actualize kimonos by working on the drape and its colours. Playing with diferent universes, the spectator discovers pictures taken from the sky and drawings by Aoi Yamaguchi or Shuji Tereyama. A wonderful performance.