Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

you have now Young Heroes, thanks to a Aalto collection. Portraying the potency of being young, as yet untouched by conformity, the spirit of this show is to create an attire that is contemporary and unusual. Retro Chic, deeply inspired by the 70's, you will rediscover flashy colours, exaggerated pleats, photographic urban graphics but also modern versions of everyday fashion staples. Playing with contrasts, the collection is both elegant and natural. 

Presented on a wooden construction that simulated an abstract version of a wind shelter or bus stop, the collection paints reality by improving it. Each garment transforms the curves of the body, by drawing it and by recreating it. Transported by a feeling of nostalgia and by a need to escape, with an electronic classic track, Take Me Baby, the show is purely incredible. Imaginary and real, what a performance!