Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Time flies, hours pass and trespass… but for Hugo Matha and his collection of contemporary accessories, minutes turn days and hours like years. As if there were eternal, his pieces allow us to dream. Linked with poetry to nature, bags and purses are turning into flowers like seeds in a field. Our eyes become the rain that they need to grow. As if we were transported into an enigmatic forest, the artist plunges us into a world of serenity and purity, where the only thing matters would be to feel elements as if we were one of them.

Composing with the fragility and the evanescence of nature, Hugo Matha is being astonishing. Materials become in his hands magic: wetland oak turns into a black treasure when dried. Transformed by natural metallic fossil oxidation, producing shades of rare pictorial quality: colors ranging from Havana black to jet-black; pieces appear to be strong, powerful and unusual. The accessory is no longer a detail but a real attire which can clothe women from the bottom to the top.

This accessory collection offers unexpected materials for liberated women with an outstanding, distinctive look.

To be continued…