Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

The room is dark, spotlights are turned off, the benches one after the other are scattering like checkers. On a black electro song with drops of metallic noises, models are marching with the rythm on a white carpet. As if  we were absorbed in a dichotomous world, the reunion of the shaded attires are creating a new universe in chiaroscuro. Flashes of cameras are now flooding and communicating all over the showroom.

Under the eyes of spectators are flying with voluptuous allure, folding shapes with cut borders, tight and large hems ; wintry colours espousing the purity of snow, the grey of a cloudy sky or even the orange of autumn leaves.

Behind this theatrical decor, Atsuro Tayama makes us mentally travel in his mind, full of creativity and poetry.

MUSIC : My Mind Your Landscape, Eyjafj