Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Like a ballet, Nehera has transformed a fashion show into a march of poetry. Winter is uncluttered, fragile, icy with a drop of warmth. Enigmatic or oniric, Nehera for one priceless moment lets us feel the purity of shapes, materials and colours. 

Gently on a peaceful music, L'appel du Verre, the spectator is immersed into a slow universe, where time is no longer built on minutes and hours, but on sensual pleasure. As if we could feel the shapes of the attires on our skins, Nehera shrouded us in a thin cloud cocoon.  Stood close to white walls in front of a magnificent Japanese garden, the show froze us. Nobody moved in the room. The air was like ice. Models who walked round and round close to the stony garden, were marching like snow princesses or wax dolls in clothes divinely espousing colours reduced down to understate shades of beige, earthy brown and dove grey. 

Capable of stopping time by focusing our eyes on evanescent textiles, there it is the genius of Nehera.

NEHERA was relaunched in 2014 after Ladislav Zdut had acquired the rights for the brand.

In the 1930s the brand became an industrial leader through the ground-breaking concept of creating a ready-to-wear company with full vertical integration. Nehera once counted retail stores in the Europe, Africa and US with more then 130 retail shops around the world. Today the company is based in Bratislava, Slovakia and this fall/winter 2015 collection marks the rebirth of the brand.

All photos by SHOJI FUJII.






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