KTZ Arrives in Style at NYFW by Allison Taylor

The street tribes were out in force at KTZ’s New York Fashion Week debut on Tuesday night. Complete with beaded leather, fringe and prints, this dramatic collection takes its inspiration from traditional Native American dress and celebrates the primal feminine within us all. Designer Marjan Pejoski elucidated the inspiration behind the AW15 collection in an incisive program note:

The primal woman, indigenous to this land

The feminine core

Evolves, super charged

Pierces through the veil

Into the now

Sexualized, realized, empowered

With all powers.



As the lights came up on the runway and the driving music of Belgian duo Nid & Sancy pumped through the speakers, the show began with pieces that were quite ethnic – shearling coats with angular lines and beaded chevrons, leather accessories and tribal jewelry. Shearling jackets made a smooth transition into colorful furs with bright geometric patterns and elaborate fringe before entering fetish territory. These looks were the most aggressive (and impressive), featuring buckles and hardware in addition to intricate beadwork. A jacket emblazoned with KTZ’s motto: The World to Come made a sweeping exit, as though to announce the arrival of a new age.

After the show I had an opportunity to speak with Marjan Pejoski about his vision for the collection as well as the future of KTZ as a global brand.


Can you tell me a bit about your inspiration for this collection and how that relates to KTZ’s debut at NYFW?

In every collection I travel and then choose the places I want to showcase. Coming to America, I felt like I should travel and see the Native Americans. That’s what we’re exploring here. It was a great opportunity for us to come and show appreciation for the place and people.  The native fashion is something that I want to bring to a modern time.\

Tell me more about the “modern woman.” How does she fit into this collection?

Well the collection is quite ethnic, but I also wanted to bring some fetish moments to this kind of power woman. I think it reflects a power in all of us. We’re all natural beings and primal at the same time. We create this persona for ourselves and fashion gives us the opportunity to see our power with new eyes.

Are there any upcoming collaborations surrounding this collection?

We’ve been approached by several artists for future collaborations – there are a lot of things in the works!

We are looking forward to more of KTZ to come.