Christian Correnti Bowtie

Dear Diane and Dear Shaded Viewers, Christian Correnti expands the concept of “bowtie” further by recovering its archaic male vision and fluidifying with the female one, creating unisex pieces up to the creation of accessories exclusively for females like plastrons and bibs. Each of his creations has a strong handcrafted sign and it is the result of a meticulous and hand labor which conveys to each single piece an air of authenticity and uniqueness. His creations are characterized also by the choice of a wide range of extremely unusual materials for papillons like paper,  bicycle tires, recycled steel, polyurethane rubber, vinyl, rubber-cloth, glass, etc…

The last collaboration is “Paper Butterfly”, a project that combines the creativity of Christian with Angelo Cruciani.




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Domenico Principato

Freelance illustrator, Graphic Designer and Creative Consultant based in Milan. With his drawings he wants to represent aspects of our society through the use of communicative and conceptual images. He was defined by Spanish art magazine “Paredro” as one of the 10 best illustrators in the world and included by Taschen among the 150 artists in the world that are part of the volume 4 of “Illustration Now”. He collaborates with style and trend offices offering creative solutions in the digital environment.