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Dear Diane

I was recently introduced to the work of Los Angeles based artist Vincent Ruiz-Abogado. The sculptures from his series ROCKS AND BOXES are deceptively simple and darkly alluring. Their size allows you to get quite close. But proximity does not betray the illusion. These resin cardboard casts are supremely detailed down to perforated edges and the echos of stamps. It is only with Vincent's more traditionally sculputral Rock elements (and their chiseled holes that you can't quite see the end of) that the viewer is tipped off to the fact that something subtly poetic is happening. 




Vincent was able to sit down with Glassell Park based artist, collector, and curator Tony Payne on behalf of ASVOF for a brief Q and A… 


I know that when our mutual friend George Stoll saw an older sculpture of yours, he made a point of encouraging you to keep working - what was it that was inspiring about his viewpoint?

"Sculpture was the first type of art that I remember really being drawn to as a kid and the first thing I explored- so when George told me he liked that piece it kind of took me back to the beginning, like it reconnected me and I started making more- he's been a huge inspiration."




You were initially intrigued by mountains and it was that exploration that manifested in this current body of work Rocks and Boxes. What is it about mountains that is of interest to you?

"Mountains are so primal, raw and gargantuan- I think I just wanted to find a way to capture that."


Tom Peters** (important long time LA art world supporter and grass roots collector), a friend, was also very supportive and helpful from the start – was there anything in particular that encouraged or motivated you?

"Tom was harassing me to finish these pieces every time I saw him- literally- and I really appreciate him for it."



Did this project finalize your interest in resin or is that something you will continue to explore?


"I want to make so much more with resin- it's an amazing material that can capture so many types of texture."


Is it pure sculpture that inspires you or are you influenced by other types of media or artists?

"No, not just sculpture inspires me but most of my favorite artists make sculpture- Paul McCarthy , Charles Ray , Louise Bourgeois, Jeff Wall , and Philip Guston among others."