Dmitry Byalik: molding leather NYC

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Dmitry Byalik is a NY based fashion designer who developed his own leather molding technique. Dmitry does custom work.

Traditionally factories use vegetable tamed leather (tanned with vegetable oils). A tanner soaks leather in water and afterwards shapes and molds it. Ones it is dried, the tanner soaks it in hot water. After that the leather shrinks and hardens like a rock. Based on that, Dmitry came up with his own technique to harden leather. He uses chemicals to soften and harden the leather which allows him to sculpt any shape.

Dmitry: It is completely made out of genuine leather. I use cow, deer and lamb hides as well as other media like acrylic paint. Comparing and researching traditional methods of molding and shaping leather, I came up with a new method of molding and manipulating leather. I studied ancient methods in historic time periods where they would apply certain techniques in sculpting leather to construct armor for warfare, weaponry and things like that. I developed my own technique from that.

By Image Noire